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What do
others say?

Engaging training, delivered in an animated way that encourages thought. GREAT!

Ciska Philips

General Manager, Scholengroep 21 GO!

Piet is a highly qualified professional. I would recommend him stongly for management and leadership training and coaching.

Detlef Schroeder

Director, European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training

Piet stands out as very experienced and insightful coach, with a unique ability to bring out the hidden potential in people.
He is excellent at communicating key messages and learning points and gets to the heart of issues and challenges with great ease.

Elaine McCarthy

Founder, KREST Consulting

“Very comprehensible training, with lots of tips, very many interactive moments and fun interludes.”

“Very concrete and with good examples.”

Very comprehensible training, with lots of tips, very many interactive moments and fun interludes.

Nils Strumane

Principal, GO! CLB Oudenaarde-Geraardsbergen

“A course where content was combined with “doing”. “

Piet is a highly experienced leader who specialises in getting the best out of his team. He utilises his extensive people skills to quickly build rapport and trust.

He would be an asset to any strategic management team or project.

Brian Langston

Lead Designer and Head Facilitator / Executive Coach, iLeadership Academy

Piet De Brouwer is simply excellent in planning, implementing and evaluating learning activities for top police leaders and managers. He also performs wonderfully in coaching.

Prof. dr. Eduardo Ferreira

“Interesting material to continue working on in the coming weeks, months, years.”

“Very clear, concrete actionable tips in daily practice.”

Overview trainings

Difficult feedback-
& evaluation interviews

thinking & acting

Stress prevention
& dealing with stress

Innovative &
creative thinking



First impression: importance
& how to improve

& leadership

Image building within
& outside your organization

Dealing with conflict
within your team

Drafting a
dynamic organization chart

From manager
to executive


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