Your marketing must deliver results. We maximize impact by working in 4 steps.

Step 1:

analysis of target groups | strategic workshops
market scan | competitive analysis | market research | …

Step 2:
strategy & plan

strategic content creation | strategic copywriting
visibility map | brain candy | plan of action | blueprint communication channels | …

Based on the analysis, we develop your strategy and draw up a plan, taking into account your capabilities, both financial and human. Who do we need to reach – what do we want them to know – when do we communicate – how do we best reach them? The blueprint of communication channels is also developed. This is a clear overview identifying the different communication tools and their interrelationships. An important tool for further implementation.
Step 3:

text | main visual | logo & corporate identity | website
brochure | flyer | social media | PR | …

Step 4:

periodic meetings | Google Analytics
evaluation | finetuning | polls | …

measure > analyze > evaluate > optimize

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