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Welbi is a new online platform that brings people from the same neighborhood together to help each other.


Welbi is an initiative of Curando and a multi-party collaboration. We helped build it from the very beginning, including market research, a strategic workshop, consultancy around UX and general strategy & advice.

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About Welbi

Welbi is an online platform that brings together local people to help each other.

Cheap and reliable for those looking for helping hands, easy and tax-advantaged for those who want to help. Search in your area, specify what you want to help with or what you are looking for someone for, and pay afterwards via the free app or your computer.
Simple, flexible and reliable.

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In-depth interviews – users

For Welbi, it was obviously very important to have a clear picture in advance of the perceptions and wishes of potential Welbi users.
To get an in-depth picture about this, you can turn to qualitative market research such as in-depth interviews and focus groups. In the case of Welbi, we conducted numerous 2-hour in-depth interviews.

We poured the findings into a clear report. We also helped put the recommendations into practice (see also below under strategy & advice).


What is an in-depth interview?

An in-depth interview is a qualitative research method between an interviewer and a respondent in which a particular topic is discussed using structured, open-ended questions. The aim is to find out perceptions, reasons, opinions, etc.

Duration: around 1,5 – 2 hours
Location: external location
Requirements: discussion guide

In-depth interviews – employees

A very important factor when launching any new product or service is its own employees. After all, they have to carry the product out with them. Their input is crucial.

We held in-depth interviews with different departments. As with the interviews with external Welbi users, we translated the findings into a practical report and helped implement it (cf. strategy & advice below).


Marketing without research is like sailing without a compass

UX consulting & usability
At Welbi, ease of use is key. Each target group should be able to find and/or offer helping hands with telling ease.

We helped look at each link through a UX lens. Welbi is now very easy to use, even the digitally illiterate us find our way there easily.

retention & referral

Attracting new users is one thing, keeping them and ensuring they return is another.

In a strategic workshop, we looked at how to engage users with Welbi, as the scientific literature provides many tips & tricks. We then helped apply this practically across the entire platform.

Helping hands via your smartphone?

Finding a helping hand in 3, 2, 1, … ? Child’s play!
The market research quickly showed that a dedicated Welbi app is indispensable. Registration, finding and/or offering a helping hand, finalising payment… It’s all a piece of cake via the app!


Download the free app

Strategy & advice

From the very beginning, we served as Welbi’s permanent point of contact regarding strategy. We developed the strategy together and drew up a concrete communication plan, obviously based on the extensive analysis (market research, retention & referral workshop, etc.).

We then helped Welbi pour the strategy into the various communication tools, such as the website, the app, a folding leaflet, presentations, etc. Here too, we applied principles from scientific research to increase the effectiveness of the various communication tools.


Welbi is a co-creation between Curando and Cevi and is supported by Ferm.

VZW Curando is a non-profit healthcare facility with 1200 employees, 600 volunteers and more than 350 years of experience. A household name in the Flemish healthcare sector.

CEVI nv is a major player on the Flemish IT market, specialized in building modern and reliable IT systems, mainly for government institutions but also for other companies. It is responsible for the development of the platform and the app.

Ferm is a network run by women, with which people feel involved and connected, at any time in life. With a decisive vision on social themes.

Happy customers

“A very pleasant collaboration
and far-reaching expertise. The input
was a great asset.
Highly recommended!”

-Lissa Boone

Project Manager Welbi



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